How to access routine

Hello, everyone!

I opened one project and there I found such lines as 

$$Export^%occXMLExport(filename,"-d /diffexport",InternalName)

Do DecomposeStatus^%apiOBJ(sc,,"d")

The problem is I can't go to their definition and find them in documentation. It says that they don't exist on the server. However, the project works and these routines execute. 

How can I import them into my project? 


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These are both system routines and are not available.

You can use $SYSTEM.OBJ.Export and $SYSTEM.Status.DecomposeStatus(sc) instead.

There are these calls in the project for backwards compatibility probably.

By "not available" Eduard means that InterSystems doesn't publish the source code (i.e. the INT or MAC). Only the OBJ is available, which is what executes when the code you are looking at runs.


Those are system routines so you can not find their source code available.

But you do not need to import them into your project because the compiled version is always available in the destination environment where you plan to import the project.  

As Eduard Lebedyuk say is better to use the new $SYSTEM functions.