Rob Tweed · Apr 18, 2017 1m read

Having your Node.js Cake and Eating It Too

I've mentioned the QEWD project in this group before: it's a Node.js-based platform for web, Native and REST applications which tightly integrates with Cache.  It uses a somewhat different philosophy to the use of Node.js than the norm, and I've now published an article that explains this approach and the unique benefits that arise as a result.

It turns out that, integrated via QEWD, Cache is an ideal bed-fellow for Node.js.  QEWD makes the integration of Cache and Node.js exceptionally fast, simple and intuitive to use, but also extremely powerful.

Read the article here:

If you're interested in using Cache with Node.js, you really need to take a look at QEWD!

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Excellent news! This makes Caché & Globals technology really visible to Node.js developers - most of them are using #NoSQL technology - an excellent match! wink

If any of you are in the London area on Wednesday evening this week, why not come along to the LNUG meeting?  I'll be giving a presentation, based on my "Cake" article.  See: