Stephen Wilson · Oct 10, 2018

Has anyone used .NET Core EF with Caché?

What would a sample DbContext look like and how would you register the DbContext in the Startup.cs  ConfigureServices method?

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. They are two different platforms and is most likely why you could not find ConfigureServices in the Intersystems docs.  For a Micosoft SQL Server, your ConfigureServices method could have

            services.AddDbContext<MyMSDBContext>(cfg =>


but I haven't seen any examples in Caché! Perhaps there is a development opportuntiy to write a NuGet package? Here's a Microsoft link to other popular database providers supported within .NET Core.

PS. If you use RESTful HTTP methods to talk to the database then you don't need a database provider as the data can be returned as part of the HTTP Response.

It's a pity that this does not exists yet, it would be very interesting to have an Intersystems EF Core Provider.

At least having support for Scaffold-DbContext and generating the Context and Entities automatically out of an existing cache database would be very nice.

Is there any plan to support it?


You also can look for the answers in Microsoft entity framework page