Has anyone used .NET Core EF with Caché?

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. They are two different platforms and is most likely why you could not find ConfigureServices in the Intersystems docs.  For a Micosoft SQL Server, your ConfigureServices method could have

            services.AddDbContext<MyMSDBContext>(cfg =>


but I haven't seen any examples in Caché! Perhaps there is a development opportuntiy to write a NuGet package? Here's a Microsoft link to other popular database providers supported within .NET Core.

PS. If you use RESTful HTTP methods to talk to the database then you don't need a database provider as the data can be returned as part of the HTTP Response.

I haven't tried this, but Microsoft's DbContext doc here:


seems to match our example down this page in our docs here:


I don't find ConfigureServices in our docs, but Microsoft indicates that it is optional:


Sorry for lack of detail.

It's a pity that this does not exists yet, it would be very interesting to have an Intersystems EF Core Provider.

At least having support for Scaffold-DbContext and generating the Context and Entities automatically out of an existing cache database would be very nice.

Is there any plan to support it?