Olga Zavrazhnova · Jun 15, 2022

Global Summit Greetings Video from DC members - take part!

UPD: check out the Greetings video here

Hi Community!

As you know, this year Global Summit is back in-person. We really want to see everyone there! 

Not all of the Community members can attend (me either!), so we decided to produce a cool VIDEO with Greetings from Our Community Members 🎥 
Let's join virtually this great event from all around the World!🌏 

⬆️ Upload in this challenge a short (2-3 sec) VIDEO of you saying "Hi from your country🙌" to our Community Members. So, we could combine it with the other videos from our members and present it on Global Summit 2022. You can also just send me a link to a shared file in DM.

Deadline: June 18, Friday, till the end of the day!

See you there!

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Thank you all who participated! Check out the ready made video here 
We displayed this video before the DC session at Global Summit 2022  yes

Thanks for this video  and get moving faces to the mostly invisible actors in DC, OEX, GM
It would be great to have a link to a personal video also in DC accounts.