Getting "Service Unavailable" Error on PostMan

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Hi Guys,

    I am new to Cache, I am trying to create an simple REST API on Studio and testing it with postman before that i have config the Web Application System > Security Management > Web Applications > Edit Web Application and i have attached my snapshot also with this post.

   When i testing it on postman i am getting "Service Unavailable" error. I really don't know where i did a mistake. I tried to console it on my code, when I the postman Url is not calling my code,So i think i did a mistake on my config part. Please give me some suggestion

Thanks in advance...


Web Application Configuration:


PostMan Error:







Hi Vikram,

Have you checked if you have granted privileges?


Best regards,

Francisco Lopez

Hi Francis,

 Yeah I added that. Then also I getting that same error.

Fairytale bliss!!!

Now I got my expected output..smiley

Solution: I don't have license. But also I can run our Rest API in postman.

         "Our studio should be closed while testing our code on postman"

It is working fine for me angel

Thanks for your Support.






Please post CROSRestAPI as text.

Can you get InterSystems IRIS or a complete version of Cache/Ensemble?

Service Unavailable error is because of license limitations on TRYCACHE.

Hi Eduard,


Class User.CROSRestAPI Extends %CSP.REST

Parameter CHARSET = "utf-8";

Parameter CONTENTTYPE = "application/json";

XData UrlMap [ XMLNamespace = "]
<Map Prefix="user/coffee" Forward="User.CROSRestAPI"/>
<Route Url="/CoffeeMaker" Method="POST" Call="CreateCoffee"/>
<Route Url="/CoffeeMaker:id" Method="PUT" Call="UpdateCoffee"/>

ClassMethod CreateCoffee() As %Status
CoffeeProp = ##class(User.PropertyName).%New()
Status = CoffeeProp.%Save()

And I have a complete version of Cache.

Review the cconsole.log and check if there is any problem with the license, also you can check Application errors log

Hi David,

Thanks for ur Comment.

           I have a license problem, That's why I am getting that error.

Thank you Neerav 

I will do it, after i resolve my licence issue...

Fixed some issues in REST, but you have license problem.

ClassMethod CreateCoffee() As %Status

s json = {}.%FromJSON(%request.Data)
s CoffeeProp = ##class(User.PropertyName).%New()
s CoffeeProp.CoffeeName= json.CoffeeName
s CoffeeProp.CoffeeColor=json.CoffeeColor
s CoffeeProp.CoffeePrice= json.CoffeePrice
s Status = CoffeeProp.%Save()

Thanks for your support Eduard..

But what to do, I have a licence problem

I haven't tested to see if it matters, but I see that CreateCoffee() isn't returning a %Status.