· Jul 17, 2019

Getting "Service Unavailable" Error on PostMan

Hi Guys,

    I am new to Cache, I am trying to create an simple REST API on Studio and testing it with postman before that i have config the Web Application System > Security Management > Web Applications > Edit Web Application and i have attached my snapshot also with this post.

   When i testing it on postman i am getting "Service Unavailable" error. I really don't know where i did a mistake. I tried to console it on my code, when I the postman Url is not calling my code,So i think i did a mistake on my config part. Please give me some suggestion

Thanks in advance...


Web Application Configuration:


PostMan Error:





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Hi Eduard,


Class User.CROSRestAPI Extends %CSP.REST

Parameter CHARSET = "utf-8";

Parameter CONTENTTYPE = "application/json";

XData UrlMap [ XMLNamespace = "]
<Map Prefix="user/coffee" Forward="User.CROSRestAPI"/>
<Route Url="/CoffeeMaker" Method="POST" Call="CreateCoffee"/>
<Route Url="/CoffeeMaker:id" Method="PUT" Call="UpdateCoffee"/>

ClassMethod CreateCoffee() As %Status
CoffeeProp = ##class(User.PropertyName).%New()
Status = CoffeeProp.%Save()

And I have a complete version of Cache.