· Nov 9, 2016 2m read

Fixing errors found when attempting to view a DeepSee listing

This post provides further detail on the suggestions from the DeepSee Troubleshooting Guide about what to do if a user is not able to view a listing in a DeepSee cube, but instead sees errors like this:

ERROR #5540: SQLCODE: -99 Message: User <username> is not privileged for the operation [zfindStatement+118^%SQL.DynamicStatement.1:<namespace>] (8)

If a user can create a pivot table in Analyzer, but cannot view a detail listing based on that pivot, it may be necessary to grant them additional permissions on the source tables used by the cube.

The DeepSee documentation contains a list of security requirements for various tasks. In order to view a listing, a user must have the SQL SELECT privilege for each source table from which the listing selects data, and must have the SQL EXECUTE privilege for each SQL stored procedure run by the listing query.

In the example that follows, the user lacks the SELECT privilege on the source table. When a user who lacks that privilege attempts to view a listing, an error like the following may be displayed instead:

You can view the SQL Listing Query to see which tables are involved by clicking on the circled button: