· Mar 4, 2022

First Tech Article Contest in Spanish: And the winners are...

Hey everyone,

The first first tech article contest in Spanish is over. Thanks to our wonderful participants for their contributions! We got


So it's time to announce the best of them!


Let's meet the winners and their articles:

⭐️  Expert Awards – winners selected by InterSystems experts:

🥇 1st placeEnviando mensajes a Kafka, by @Daniel Aguilar

🥈 2nd place: Cómo convertirse en un señor del tiempo - El Nacimiento, by @Kurro Lopez

🥉 3rd place: Implementación de patrones de proyecto utilizando el lenguaje Caché ObjectScript, by @Marcio Pereira 

⭐️  Community Award – winner selected by Community members, article with the most likes:

🏆 Cómo convertirse en un señor del tiempo - El Nacimiento, by @Kurro Lopez

Congratulations to all of them!

And a big applause to the rest of contestants:

THANK YOU ALL for your incredible contribution to the Dev Community! 

The prizes are in production now. We will contact all the participants when they are ready to ship.

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