Find a table given its name

The following code snippet includes a class method "test" that runs code to find a class based on the class's name. "test" takes one argument, which is the name of the table:

Class objectscript.findTable Extends %RegisteredObject
    classmethod test(name as %String="mytable")  
            #Dim result as %ResultSet
            #Dim tName as %String
            #Dim contain as %Integer
            Set contain=0
            Set result = ##class(%ResultSet).%New("%Dictionary.ClassDefinition:Summary")
            Do result.Execute()

                Set tName=$get(result.Data("Name"))
                &sql(select position (:name in :tName) into :contain)
                Write:contain'=0 tName, " ... ", name, " (", contain,")", !
            Return $$$OK

Here's a link to the code on GitHub


A couple of small pieces of feedback: 

  1. %Close() doesn't do anything. You can call result.Close(), but if your intention is to destroy the object, you should just kill it.
  2. Using $get(result.Data("Name")) will be quicker than using GetDataByName.

I would also change 


{ if result.Next()=0 quit 


while result.Next() { 

What does it actually do?

I have a table SQLUser.Person for example, it returns nothing.

I have a few comments.:

  1. your code finds by the class name, not the table name, which is confusing

    For example, for the next class, the method finds nothing:

    Class dc.test Extends %Persistent SqlTableName aaa ]

  2. according to the documentation, your code uses the deprecated API:
    The Caché Library set of class definitions classes has been superseded by the %Dictionary package. The %Library classes described here are maintained for compatibility with existing applications.

    New code should make use of the classes within the %Dictionary package.

  3. in fact, the search is done elementary:

    select ClassName from %Dictionary.ClassDefinition_ClassIndex() where ClassName 'test'


    select ClassName from %Dictionary.ClassDefinition_ClassIndex() where nvl(SqlTableName,ClassName) [ 'aaa'

Still can be so:

select relation_name tablename,

from %Library.SQLCatalog_SQLTables()

-- where relation_name [ 'aaa'