Filtering a Filter

What would be the easiest or best way to filter the options presented by a filter control?

For example, suppose that I create a query using HoleFoods that uses a named filter to filter the product categories according to some criteria. When I display the query on the dashboard, I would like to provide a filter control that will allow users to further constrain the product categories. However, a simple filter control will display all the product categories available in the cube many of which are irrelevant to the current query.

Thanks for your help!


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Hello David,

I wanted to suggest to use the DependsOn feature (see but I noticed that that does not work with named filters.

For example, say that your pivot table based on HoleFoods filters on a named set which selects a single City, and you defined in Architect/Studio dependsOn="[Outlet].[H1].[City]" for the Product Category level of holeFoods. An applyFilter control on Product Category still show all the members for Product Category. 



Thank you Alessandro.

Unfortunately, in this case I have a named filter, so as you noted  dependsOn won't work. Also, I cannot edit the cube.

I think maybe a pivot variable populated by a KPI might work, but that seems a bit complicated.