· Apr 17, 2020

Failed to acquire exclusive lock error

Hi all,

I have a class that has been working so far :(

The class extends the EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FTPService class and add some information for each rows.

Now, when it saves the object it is raising the following error

ERROR #5803: Failed to acquire exclusive lock error

I've seen the other question in the community and I've tried to unlock

do ##class(my.class).%UnlockExtent(0,1)
but it doesn't work
Any idea?
Best regards
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#1) I'd suggest to increase the size of your LockTab as suggested by @Vic Sun 

#2) There is a class in %SYS .  ^SYS.Lock that could be useful for multiple  Lock deletes.
and as I just learned to adjust LockTab size (

#3) ^LOCKTAB from terminal command line in %SYS also shows the Locktab