Kurro Lopez · Apr 17, 2020

Failed to acquire exclusive lock error

Hi all,

I have a class that has been working so far :(

The class extends the EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.FTPService class and add some information for each rows.

Now, when it saves the object it is raising the following error

ERROR #5803: Failed to acquire exclusive lock error

I've seen the other question in the community and I've tried to unlock

do ##class(my.class).%UnlockExtent(0,1)
but it doesn't work
Any idea?
Best regards
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check Locktable in the management portal to find if some other process has locked the table.

by do ##class(my.class).%UnlockExtent(0,1) you just can release yourr own LOCKs

I second Robert's recommendation to check the lock table. It is probably best to understand what else is holding the lock than to just try and release the lock - the lock might be there for a reason, and if not you should look into what is taking it out and why.

Oliver's suggestion to verify that the lock table isn't full is also a good one.

I've checked the locktable and it displays a lot of them :s

is possible to unlock all of them at the same time? I have to do one on one...

Good morning,

I encountered this error when I had to save a lot of data. It happened to me, because either the lock table was full (check console log) or I exceeded the lock threshold so a process would try to lock the entire table which failed because there were other processes also inserting data into the same tables.

Hope to help.