Soufiane Amroun · Sep 11, 2017

Extract http request fields values

Hi world, i work actually on an intersystems project , my question is :

i've my Rest class that receive an HTTP request from a client side , i want to know how extract data from this http request , for example : date , id_client and measures taken by the client ( i need to extract  a weight value catched from a connected scale to my smart phone via bluetooth ) .

Thank you

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Your first link leads to class documentation root.

Soufiane, please don't use the "Developer Community FAQ" tag for this sort of post. There are better ones available, and using them may get your post seen faster by people willing to help.

As OP you have the power to edit your post and change its tags.

In any place (but preferably in the beginning) of your REST handler method add these lines:

set %response.ContentType = "text/html"
do ##class(%CSP.Utils).DisplayAllObjects()
quit $$$OK

and then open REST Url to see all current objects, including %request.