· Nov 19, 2016

External monitoring of Ensemble and metrics

Internally we use splunk for monitoring applications and network.

Does Ensemble have a way of exposing internal metrics and/or a way of exposing custom built metrics? 

I've used Deepsee dashboards in the past to monitor Apache Tomcat/Apache Camel/hawtio using JMX rest calls. This is the other way around and ideally I'd like to expose metrics on:

  • HL7v2 messages (broken down into types)
  • Production performance
  • Error and Warning.

Understand Ensemble 2016.2 includes Java 8 JVM and was wondering if the JMX route (plus hawtio) is the way to do this?

Intercepting logging and exposing that in a splunk friendly format may be another option.

Many thanks


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It seems a better way of getting metric/audit out of Ensemble for splunk would be to use splunk sdk for java or use a REST API. Which one to use depends on effort but our move to FHIR (across the enterprise) means we should be looking at FHIR Audit.

[In practical terms: audit a HL7v2 ADT_A28 message in Healthshare Connect FHIR registry as a Patient POST or an ADT_A04 ED as Encounter ED POST. We'd expose that FHIR Audit to splunk via a Splunk REST API or Splunk Java SDK.]

In typical scenarios you'll find SNMP to be used for Error Alerting .
SNMP Traps can be issued from the Ensemble installation and send to a centralized monitoring (As far as documentation of Splunk shows it does support SNMP). 

MIB's are also available for monitoring via SNMP. In your case you could think of extending the MIB to support your information requirements ( 

Ensemble further supports WS-Management API