Brian Porterfield · Dec 27, 2017

Exporting Saved Searches in Ensemble

I have made a complete copy of our test namespace into a secondary test namespace.  Thereby we can test with our current EHR version and our soon to be deployed EHR version simultaneously.    However, we have a number of saved searches within the Message Viewer that we would like to have available within our secondary namespace.  Is it possible to export the saved searches within the message viewer?


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I haven't noticed a tool specifically for that but the information appears to be stored in the global ^EnsPortal.SavedSearchD so you can use your favorite global export/import tool to copy them wherever needed.

OK, great  Aric.  I was able to export and import from with the Globals area of the System Explorer.  Thank you very much for your help,

As alternative to copy you can also map ^EnsPortal.SavedSearch* in your secondary namespace to use it in parallel.