Salma Sarwar · Aug 30, 2019

Export Lookup Tables Programmatically



I  was wondering whether anyone can help I would like to know what is the underlying method that is used for exporting lookup tables from within studio.  I would like to do this programmatically.  The export function provided with Ens.Util.LookupTable is not compatible with studio.


Thank you.


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Hi Salma.

Check for files with extension LUT. They represent Lookup Tables. You can add these files to Studio Export.

Hope this helps,

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for reply, I am looking more to export the lut file from within code if possible and would like it be compatible with studio so that it can be imported back.

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You can use $system.OBJ.Export to export LUT document to file:

ENSDEMO>w $system.OBJ.Export("AlertTable.LUT","c:\temp\qq.lut")

Exporting to XML started on 08/30/2019 12:03:14
Exporting type : AlertTable.LUT
Export finished successfully.
ENSDEMO>w $system.OBJ.Load("c:\temp\qq.lut")

Load started on 08/30/2019 12:03:26
Loading file c:\temp\qq.lut as xml
Imported document: AlertTable.LUT
Load finished successfully.

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was after. :)
Kind Regards,