Mathew Lambert · May 3, 2018

Execute method on failover member (mirror)

I need to know what options exist to execute methods on the failover members of a mirror system from the primary.

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The primary practical difference is that the mirror backup databases are mounted read-only, so any methods you might run on a mirror backup can't make changes to the database(s).

Can you provide any additional detail as to what you're trying to do?

as Jeff mentioned: the Shadowed DB is Read Only.

Execution of some code in a remote instance of Caché is independent of Mirror or not

  • Either pack your code (or its call) into a ClassMethod with a return value.
    mark the Method as  [SqlProc ]
    trigger it by SELECT my.procedure()
  • Or wrap it into some WebService ( REST, SOAP) and execute it that way. 

Yes.  Connect to Mirror using SQLgateway.
Link Procedure And then just to a SELECT or CALL.
The code has, of course, to be prepared already on Mirror.

I know that the mirrored DB's are in read-only.

With the SqlProc sollution, how do I execute the call from the primary to the secondary? Using ODBC?

Thank you