Sheng Li · Mar 6, 2021

ETL tools in the Cache database

Is there any ETL tools for the data process  in the Cache database?

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You are correct. I can confirm it.
I was part of the process when DeepSee V1 was prepared.

Speedminer's objective is especially to ETL external databases into Cache to create a Data Warehouse (although it works well with data already in Cache database), therefore ETL is an important module for us.  If you just need to copy data from external database to Cache once, Cache Management Portal already has the feature to do so, Speedminer ETL will be more for continue update of data loading including incremental update.  Speedminer also support data transformation, data profiling and other features.

Interesting solution! Do you want to publish the ETL Speedminer on Open Exchange ? To let everyone know and find it easier?

Sure, but I am not familiar with Open Exchange, not sure how to go about to publish it.  Speedminer is our product mainly sold in Malaysia market currently.

Here is the instruction on how to submit the solution. And here is how you can list the company if you want to present Speedminer on behalf of the company. You can use DC account to sign in.

Thanks, I will setup company information soon, as for submission of solution, we need time to learn how to create Docker then work on preparing the solution.

Hi Kok Sheng How!

It's not mandatory to create docker for the app.

You can submit it as a landing page where app could be downloaded. E.g. check Dbeaver or George James

Interoperability (ex. Ensemble) can be used to both import data into InterSystems Data Platforms and push it to external systems.