Error when displaying message in a production

Hi all,

We have a big problem because we have the following message when I try to open the messages in a production.

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <DATABASE>zfindStatement+29^%SQL.DynamicStatement.1 ^%sqlcq("MYNAMESPACE","Query",8,"Gns8AZO5dJclytqv13l9gUuLUyo=",""),c:\intersystems\healthshare\mgr\cache\ -- logged as '-' number - @''

SOURCE ELEMENT: %ZEN.Component.tablePane (resultsTable)

This problem has raised in some namespaces (not in all), and the production is displayed with problems.

Last day, the Ensemble instance was stoped and we need to retrieve a backup because lost all productions.

Do you know what it means and how to fix it?

Best regards.

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Check your current server locale.

Thanks Eduard,

Using ^COLLATE I've seen that the collation 51 was not installed (I don't know why, because it is the Spanish collation and we have using this instance long time ago).

I've installed this collation and it works.

Thanks for the point.

Best regards.

Nan... it was a duplicated comment (We need a remove comment/answer button)


Updated: I've restored the backup but this message is in cconsole.log

Failed to mount c:\ensemble\healthshare\data\clientes\clientes_g\ because its default collation (51) is not available...(repeated 5 times)

Any idea?