Muhammad Waseem · Jul 5, 2021

ERROR #5001: while pasting command from clipboard to terminal


I am getting following error while executing the below command in terminal

>install iris-analytics-sample

ERROR #5001: 'iris-analytics-sample' not found in any repository.

However if I type full command then it is working fine.



Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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you probably intended

zpm "install iris-analytics-sample"

Right. Getting error while executing  (zpm "install iris-analytics-sample") 

if I type full command then it is working fine.

What full command?

I mean when I type all instead of copy paste then it works fine

Did you past this with Ctrl+V hot key?

it’s possible when you try to past it with hot key, it was inserted a hidden chars instead, and then you past it through menu or with Hot key Shift+Insert

This might be the simple case that when you paste with Ctrl-V into Terminal you get an unseen character (it's there you just don't see it)?

Worth trying... (try pasting with your mouse right-click or Shift+Insert) it could explain this "strange" behavior you are describing.

If this is the issue check out this article by @Eduard Lebedyuk