Martin Staudigel · Dec 2, 2021

Enterprise Monitor - Dashboard requires Login after upgrade

Hello everybody,

after updating from 2018.2.1 to 2021.1 we observe a change in the behaviour of the Messagebank Enterprise Monitor.

In 2018.2.1, when clicking on a specific line inside the configured systems the system dashboard opened, giving insights about queue counts and error conditions.

In 2021.1. when doing the same thing, the login screen of the designated server instance shows up, but does not allow to login (any try, even with valid %All credentials results in a reload of the page). I even created a new user, remebering the password hash issue mentioned in but that did not solve the problem.

I attached some screenshots for illustration.

Any recomendations how to fix this issue?

Regards and thanks,


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for x86-64) 2021.1 (Build 215U) Wed Jun 9 2021 09:48:27 EDT
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Under System Administration->Security->Applications->Web Applications, is the authentication method your user is using listed as an option for the namespace?

e.g., if you're using LDAP but the web app for the namespace only allows Password, you'll get that issue.

Hello Craig,

yes, it is. We're using configured credentials and method "Password" is checked. I also tried a different, newly crated user for testing purposes. Moreover, the access has worked before the upgrade to 2021.1 and we have not changed anything in the configuration. What I find confusing is that even when the "unauthenticated" method is checked at the webapp configuration, the login screen appears.



Hmm my next course of action if I were running into this would be to review the System Audits and System Logs (Application Log for example).

if you have the audits all enabled, you should be able to see if it’s hitting a security issue. 

also please look at the last bullet on this page ( re seeing login screen) and try its suggestion

It seems like the former enterprise client systems configuration had to be modified. 2018.2.1 worked well with the server name. In 2021.1 I had to provide the fqdn at the Web IP Address setting to make the production monitor showing up like expected. I don't know if this was the actual reason, but at least it works now.

Thanks and regards,


Glad you got it. I couldn’t see the URL in the screenshots but if you are using an SSL connection (preferred), an IP usually won’t validate against the common name in the certificate. Maybe the older version didn’t validate the cert by default. 

anyway, glad it’s working regardless!