Sam S · Feb 15, 2019

Ens.Debug("LogETN") command

What does Ens.Debug("LogETN") show and where are you see it in Management Portal? Does is show only errors, successful messages, etc?

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You can find information under "Enabling %ETN Logging" here, assuming you have Ensemble/HealthShare installed locally:

Enabling %ETN Logging

Please modify your answer to point to InterSystems online documentation.

Yes, you cannot change the content of an accepted answer.

we did this intentionally: what is the reason to change the answer, which resolved the question?

@Eduard Lebedyuk requested that I change the answer to reference the ISC public on-line documentation rather than using a local URL. I assumed he meant that he wanted me to edit my answer, and discovered that I could not.

Yes, understood. Maybe we need to allow this? But the idea is if Author of the question accepted the answer that means he doesn't want any new changes to it and wants to keep it.