· Jun 23, 2016

Enable $$$GeneralError Macro

I am testing application code and want to simulate error conditions. 

I am trying to use the following to define a custom error with a class method.

$SYSTEM.Status.Error($$$GeneralError,"Any text here")

My class method code looks like this....

set RunStatus=$System.Status.Error($$$GeneralError,"DXL Testing Run Error")

Class compile fails because the $$$GeneralError is unknown. 

ERROR: DBMS.Reports.TaskPage.1(5) : MPP5610 : Referenced macro not defined: 'GeneralError'
 TEXT: set RunStatus=$System.Status.Error($$$GeneralError,"DXL Testing Run Error")

I expect I need to include something to enable the Macro.  

Any suggestions are apprecated. 

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