· Apr 20, 2017

Eclipse SQL Client Plug-In for Caché?

Atelier Users:

Has anyone found an Eclipse plug-in that provides the capability to connect to a Caché server and give the user a way to write SQL queries using the tables from that server? I'm picturing something like a "WinSQL"-client built as an Eclipse plugin.

I've found and tried the following, but I couldn't get it to connect to my local Caché instance.

I do a lot of SQL query building with the SQL tool on the Management Portal or $system.SQL.Shell() from terminal before moving the queries into my COS code. A plugin that lets me do that building right from the Eclipse workbench would be handy.

Thank you,


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Hi Jean,

I tried out the Eclipse SQL Explorer and was able to connect to my local instance just fine. I installed the plug-in using the update site from the link you provided,

Then I opened the associated perspective by going to Window > Perspective > Open Perspective Other > SQL Explorer. I right-clicked in the Connections view and hit New Connection Profile. I had to select Add/Edit Drivers to add the Caché JDBC driver with these settings:

The keys were to 1) select the Extra Class Path tab and Add JARs to pick the JDBC driver from my Caché install directory and 2) to add the correct Driver Class Name, com.intersys.jdbc.CacheDriver.

Once I had that configured I selected it in the Connection Profile Wizard, entered my JDBC connection URL, jdbc:Cache://localhost:56773/SAMPLES, and selected the authentication information:

This also worked for me when I unselected "Username is not required", checked "Auto Logon" and entered my Caché credentials.

I right-clicked the connection and hit Connect. Then double-clicking the connection (listed as "Connected since <timestamp>") opened the connection in the Editor where I could enter my SQL statement:

Where are you running into problems?