DSM- MUMPS database Migrate into IRIS

We have DSM-Mumps Database,Now We are planning to migrate DSM-MUMPS Database migrate into IRIS

please let me know anyone How to migrate DSM-MUMPS Database migrate into IRIS?

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Hello Pandian,

This should be a larger discussion with your InterSystems sales rep. I would highly recommend reaching out to them.

Yes - absolutely!  But you should discuss with InterSystems to work through the details.  But many customers have migrated from DSM to modern versions of the InterSystems stack.

There is no general answer if it is possible : it depends on the application : I have done conversions in a few  hours, but had also conversions that took a lot longer or were impossible without heavy rewrite of code.

Depends on :

- use of OS-dependencies (VMS/VAX) like working with files/devices or print operations

- use of 'non-standard' Mumps syntax, or relying on specific formats of special variables

- use of  DSM-11 tools (like DASL) or OS tools

- available source code

- ...


I have done many migrations from DSM -> Cache in the past, so I can share some of the knowledge here.

Basically there are two phases involved in the process:
1. Migration the DB itself (.i.e globals). For this you can use utility called %DSMCVT which will read the globals from a DSM DB into a Cache/IRIS DB. Sometimes a 7/8bit -> unicode is also part of the process, so an appropriate code for that should be written.
2. Migration of code, that, as mentioned before is the complex part of the process, as you need to rewrite/modify parts of your code that handle with O/S specific issues:
a. File system - all devices code is different (i.e. open/use/close commands) when working with files/directories.
b. Calls to VMS special variables/functions, need to be converted to "standard" code.
c. Some systems rely on VMS "batch queues" for scheduling jobs or for printing reports. This should be addresses as well.
d. Some systems rely on VMS FTP functionality. In this case you need to write the same functionality it inside Cache/IRIS.
d. Using tools, like "screen generator" tools that uses some CHUI non-standard" ANSI codes for on screen attributes, might need to be "adopted" to standard ANSI codes.

As mentioned before, the time/effort for such a migration, highly depends on the native of your application, and the way it was designed. for example if you have 1 central function to print a report (lets say it is in a global), then you need to modify only this function to have all your reports working on the new system. This also applies to "central" functions for reading/writing files,  dates calculations etc.

Thanks Yaron Munz,

Can you please clarify my question

Currently our application is running in Open VMS, Can you please let me know whether it is possible to migrate DSM-MUMPS(Open VMS)to IRIS or need to change the Operating system as well?

Thanks in Advance

Last version of Cache/Ensemble that support OpenVMS is 2017.1. IRIS does not.