· Dec 14, 2022

Does InterSystems has CDS Hook implementations?

Does InterSystems has CDS Hook implementations?
if yes, where I could get the details.

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Hi Vishnu!

InterSystems has recently released a beta of the Healthcare Action Engine for limited customer testing. The Healthcare Action Engine is an extended healthcare decision support service; it includes workflows for implementing your own CDS Hooks services and for brokering connections between clients, data sources, and third-party CDS Hooks Services.

The Healthcare Action Engine is a stand-alone product, but it is designed to integrate seamlessly with InterSystems HealthShare product ecosystem. Because of this, documentation for the product is included as part of our HealthShare documentation, here. (Note that, for security reasons, you must authenticate as a registered HealthShare customer with your WRC credentials to access HealthShare documentation.)

If you'd like to learn more about the Healthcare Action Engine, I encourage you to contact your organization's InterSystems sales associate. As the technical writer responsible for documenting the Healthcare Action Engine as it continues to develop, I'm also happy to answer further questions.

Following up on Shawn's response, these resources might also be helpful in the meantime, and perhaps for others -

"See how to use key features of the Healthcare Action Engine to set up real-time alerts for clinicians. In this exercise, you will build decision support, design a notification using a CDS Hooks card, and write a rule to deliver it."

[I believe the same comment Shawn mentioned about being required to be a HealthShare customer in order to access this content is relevant here as well.]