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Discarding leftover input followed by <Ens>ErrException: <NOTOPEN>zFlush+7^%IO.DeviceStream.1 -- logged as '-' number - @''

We have this intermittent issue with a particular supplier message , just wondering if anyone has further insight around the two errors we get when we see this. 

We use the out of the box TCP hl7 adapter. 

We first seem to get this incomplete hl7 message resulting in an error like 

Discarding leftover input 'MSH|

This is not unexpected as the final obx has not dot the description of OBX:2.2 ect. 


The next message will have the error 


Error <Ens>ErrException: <NOTOPEN>zFlush+7^%IO.DeviceStream.1 -- logged as '-' number - @''
Error <Ens>ErrInConnectionLost: Lost HL7 Write connection on 8015<-IP:PORT - detected via ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <NOTOPEN>zFlush+7^%IO.DeviceStream.1 -- logged as '-' number - @''

I just think maybe we are missing something on our end? When they remove the message it fixes it and having the service off for a period of time still doesn't seem to affect it but maybe there is something we are able to do with a zFlush error? What does it mean this error?  

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Sometimes a sending application can have pauses sending data and this is mitigated by increasing the read-timeout.

This is also indicative of the thread / process at the sending system closing the connection.

Curious if this always happens on a standard configured description of the particular observation. Or is this free text entered by a particular upstream user (eg: copy and paste from word document, eg: Line breaks not escaped in HL7, ASCII 22 being used for double quote ). Is the input content incompatible with the encoding that is being used to transmit the message and crashes the transmit process. Suggest review the error log on the sending system could be useful.