Pravin Barton · Aug 1, 2017

Disable journaling on an Ensemble data purge

I'm purging a lot of management data from an Ensemble production, which is creating 100s of GBs of journals. Has anybody succeeded in disabling journaling on an Ensemble purge? The user interface doesn't have an option for this, but I'm thinking you might be able to identify the process and externally disable journaling on it.

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The #1 solution is to purge regularly so that you do not end up with a build up of so much data.

The #2 solution, if you do end up running into needing purge a lot of data, is to purge incrementally.  That is to run a purge for only a subset of your data.  Let your journal files get purged, and then purge another subset of data.  This procedure is tedious but the safest way to purge down large amounts of data.

Any other options would be custom solutions that InterSystems would want to be involved in assisting you with.


Remember that journaling can not be disabled in mirrored environments. If you are working on a mirrored environment you need to look at purge strategies.


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Hi Pravin,

You can create a custom task and disable the journal in the beginning of the method with this line:


Put yor purge logic and then in the end of code you can enable again the journal with:


These lines affect only the current process.