· Nov 22, 2023

Developer Community Release, November 2023

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Welcome to the November'23 Developer Community Release!

We're excited to share with you the latest improvements we've made to the usability of the Developer Community:

📌 Trending apps

📌 Credly badges

📌 Social media logins

📌 New labels

Let's have a closer look at all these updates!

Trending apps

After the huge success of Trending posts, we've decided also to add Trending apps, so that you're always up to date with what's trending and popular among your peers. To find this section, just scroll a bit down the main page.

Credly badges -

We've added the opportunity for you to showcase all your InterSystems Credly badges, including but not limited to your ranking on the Global Masters, Community, Learning etc. These badges are loaded automatically, but in case you're missing some - click on the button Load my certifications & badges in your profile in the Official certifications & Credly badges section:

Social media logins

We've also tinkered with the social media logins - Google and GitHub. So now you can use your Google or GitHub profiles to login/register on the Community, Global Masters, Open Exchange and InterSystems Ideas and there's no need to remember another login/password pair! This way, all your profiles are synchronized everywhere on our Developer Ecosystem.

New labels

For some time now you could see the violet and light green edging around our admins and mods profile pictures respectively in their posts:


Also, if you visit their profiles, they have the respective labels on their profile pictures telling everyone what they are responsible for.


Another color we use on the Community - is green and it highlights people who successfully passed the certification:

We've decided that you would also appreciate it if you could see right away who are the InterSystems employees. So we added another edging - a blue one, to denote people who work for InterSystems.

And of course, the employees get the Staff label on their profiles.

Thanks to this, you will see at once the responsibilities, qualifications and affiliations of people on the Community.

NB. The opinions stated by the InterSystems employees might not reflect the official policy of InterSystems Corporation unless marked by the tag InterSystems Official.

That's it for now! Hope you like our updates!

See you next time 🤗

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