· May 3, 2017

DEV, TEST Environment set up in Intersystems

Intersystems is all about name spaces. Each Name space can be mapped to one or more databases and vice versa. In my desktop with intersystems, Can i have DEV , TEST environments pointing to different name spaces at same point of time ? if i am right here, then the DEV environment is nothing but the namespace that we work on....Please let know

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Hi Murali,

Your perfectly right.

You can have multiple namespaces on the same Caché instance for different purposes. These should have a naming convention to identify their purpose. That convention is really down to you. I normally postfix the name with -DEV and -TEST, e.g. FOO-DEV & FOO-TEST.

These namespaces will share commonly mapped code from the main library, but unless configured otherwise they are completely independent from each other. You can dev and test in them respectively without fear of polluting one another.


You can mark the mode of an instance via the management portal > system > configuration > memory and startup. On that configuration page you will see a drop down for "system mode" with the options...

Live System
Test System
Development System
Failover System

The options are mostly inert, but what they will do is paint a box on the top of your management portal screens. If you mark it as live then you will get a red box that you can't miss.