· Nov 18, 2020

Delete HL7 Standard Schema


I am trying to delete a HL7 standard schema i created by mistake however when i select delete in Studio i get the following:

The xml is as below:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <Category name="WYT.2.4" std="1">...

i then remove the std so it becomes:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <Category name="WYT.2.4">...

Then i get the error:

I have also tried exporting and importing the schema with the std part removed but still get an error.

We have IRIS 2020.1.

Any ideas?



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Hi Graham,

Removing the std attribute was the correct way to avoid your original error.  The new error that you are seeing indicates that there is a typo in your MessageStructure definition such that the total number of opening and closing brackets do match, but somewhere the definition includes "~]k~", which is not allowed.  There should be a "~" separating the bracket and any segment references; since there isn't, we are interpreting the "]k" as being a segment reference, but, of course, that is not a recognized SegmentStructure name.  My guess would be that the "k" was added accidentally.