· Nov 24, 2015

Dashboard mapping question for DEMO

Hi -


I need an example of what I need to "map" to have a common dashboard defined so it will visible/usable in multiple namespaces.


I have created a dashboard in "SAMPLES" (namespace and database) and I would like to have this dashboard be accessable/useable from a 2nd namespace, but I'm not having any success in doing mappings (global/package/routine/data) to be able to get DeepSee to be able to see/display the dashboard.

What is the minimum that I need to map?

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Please define what you are trying to achieve by having the same dashboard available in multiple namespaces.

Do you want the same dashboard definiton using the same pivot table and KPIs defintions, accessing the same cube defintions? And each namespace has the same cube name but different data because the source class has different data in each namepace?

If this is what you are trying to achieve, the best way to do this is to export the dashboard and related pivots, KPIs, etc. and then import them into each namespace.

Hi -

What I'm trying to do is having a single specifiction for the dashboard (Cube, Pivot, KPIs, etc.) that will run against the same data, but live is different applications. (This really was a path I started down to enable independant dashboard branding for different applications)

I found a "better workaround" was to have multiple csp-applications that point to the same namespace but with different csp paths.  This allows me to be able to have my dashboard have a "generic" logo image file name specified, and have this resolve to different actual image files depending upon the URL used to access the dashboard.