Paul Riker · Sep 19, 2016

Custom Router vs. Standard Router

What are the pros and cons of developing a custom database driven routing engine vs. using the Ensemble standard routing engine. What I'm trying to accomplish with the custom routing engine is less manual intervention every time a new route is added. The con I can see with the custom engine is performance may lag behind the standard engine. My development vs. Intersystems essentially.

I appreciate feedback. Thanks!

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The obvious answer would be 'it depends' ;-)

But essentially that is true, if you want out-of-the box Ensemble supported functionality (HL7, DICOM, etc) then it would be hard to match that within a reasonable time-frame and budget. Also if you want an all-purpose routing engine Ensemble would be hard to beat.

But if you have a specific problem in mind, a custom solution could be a better option.

IMHO Ensemble's queuing mechanism is pretty dumb, a custom queue could be more intelligent and dynamic, with dynamic actor pools and auto-start/stop queues.

Also stuff such as itinerary based routing, true publish and subscribe and complex event processing could then be an option (if needed).

And, also important, standard Caché is much cheaper then Ensemble (let alone HealthShare).

You can manage performance by increasing the poolsize of the business process. Its a good thing to play with.

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BTW: We appreciate feedback too ! Thanks !