Scott Roth · Dec 20, 2019

CSP front page to allow users to alter multidimensional tables

I have a case where I have an external table that lives out in MS SQL. Using Ensemble Security functions has anyone created a csp or cls page that acts like a portal to allow users to Update a multidimensional table without knowing SQL? I could clone the EnsPortal.LookupSettings but that was made for LUT which are only 2 columns.



I know its a long shot but trying to see if there was anything off the shelf that I can use to help meet the requirements of this project.

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map  your MS SQL Table to a class using SQL gateway

in Studio create a new CSP page

<head> <!-- Put your page Title here -->
<title> Cache Server Page </title> </head> <body>
<!-- Put your page code here -->
My page body

use Tool / Templates  / WebForm Assistant
select your Class and the Properties you need
compile  it
use it

I am struggling with understanding how to display the table within the CSP page. In reading the document it mentions ZEN, but as we have been told not to use ZEN because ZEN is going away.

So how can I display the SQL table in a table format that could be updated instead of the form document mentioned above? Most of the examples are only 1 or 2 rows. I am looking at a 25 rows x 6 columns table to display and update. 

I got the above to work, just trying to make it more friendly.



Hi Scott!

Happy new year! 
You are right ZEN is out but CSP is not.
With ZEN you might have implemented inline editing.
But is rather simpler to achieve an acceptable result  (except coloring) if you separate editing from table view.

The generated page has a SEARCH page that should be easy to configure. <CSP:SEARCH>
And if you force the generated page to start with the search page with maxrows=25 you might cover the needs I understood.

This were my changes:
<title>Cache Server Page - Sample.Person (SAMPLES)</title>
<!-- start with search page -->
<body onload='form_search()'>
<h1 align='center'>

and at end:

This is the extended CSP:SEARCH tag:

<!-- use csp:search tag to create a javascript function to invoke a search page -->
<csp:search name='form_search' 
 where='ID,Name,DOB,Home.City,Home.State' options='clearbtn,sortbox' 
 PREDICATES="%startswith,=,contains" MAXROWS=25
 SELECT = 'ID,Name,DOB,Home.City,Home.State,Home.Street,Home.Zip' 

I did the example in namespace SAMPLES