· Sep 17, 2019

Containers, Monitoring, Kubernetes and all things Cloud at Global Summit

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready yet? Have you packed all you'll need for the summit? And don't forget the needed power-socket adapters if you come from outside the US! 

Have you signed up for the Container Bootcamp on Sunday? Or one of the various Experience Labs, the many informative sessions and one of the symposia on Wednesday afternoon?

Again, there is a mobile app for attendees that should help you keep it all under control and even allow you to book time with InterSystems personnel for a one-on-one deep-dive on whatever you need.

I just wanted to highlight some of the Containers, Kubernetes & Cloud sessions as they fitted in a PPT slide... there are actually more! For example, check out the System Alerting and Monitoring Made Easy session for more innovation, etc.

If software is eating the world, the cloud is definitely covering it all! laugh

If the network was defined as the computer (Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystem), the cloud is now the computer and actually the computer is all around us surprise 

Come to discover how InterSystems is innovating in this exciting space. We hope you can have fun and find the possibility to discuss your needs with us.

Check ou the Global Summit 2019 event grid for all available sessions.

Don't forget the post-summit Developers Meetup on Wednesday evening and before that the opportunity to contribute to the "Twitter Rush" and the chance to win an iPad! ;)

I wish you a great learning experience and a productive Global Summit 2019 in Boston!

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