Compilation qualifier /checkuptodate -- What is an "expanded class"?

In part of this post in 2016 @Eduard Lebedyuk asked if anyone knew what is meant by an "expanded class", as referred to in the text that appears when we run the ShowQualifiers classmethod of %SYSTEM.OBJ thus:

SAMPLES>DO $system.OBJ.ShowQualifiers()
            Name: /checkuptodate
    Description: Skip classes or expanded classes that are up-to-date.

           Type: enum
           Flag: ll
      Enum List: none,all,expandedonly,0,1
  Default Value: expandedonly
  Present Value: all
  Negated Value: none

No-one was able to answer his question at the time, but since then the Developer Community has grown. Can anyone answer it now?

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That phrase is not a reference to a special type of class, instead it refers to the reason the class is added to the set of classes to be compiled. For example, if you compile Sample.Employee it becomes a "direct class" in the set of classes to be compiled. The compiler evalutes each class in the set of classes to produce an "expanded set of classes". In this case, Sample.Person would be included as an "expanded class". HTH.

Thanks, that makes sense. To clarify for others, in the example you gave, Sample.Person was included as an "expanded class" because it's the superclass of Sample.Employee.

Correct. There are many reasons why a class can be added to the set. Super classes, member type classes (property type, method return type, argument types, etc.) and so on.