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Hi Eric,

One of our customers called CommVault support,

They said that the media server needs to be the same version of windows as the server your backing up.

If the server your backing up is bigger than the media server in that version - vss won't work or won't work with intersystems products. (I think if it's lower than the backup will work)

Hi Eric,

My problem is that the CommVault doesn't communicate with the Intersystems vss.

When the backup runs , it doesn't enter or exits the freeze state.

The vss is started on ccsonsole.log and the Cache controler for cache service goes up with admin user.

So I think the problem is with the CommVault or vmtools but I don't have any definitive proof for that.

(I saw once an article that states not to install vmtools vss, but i'm not sure it will work or it's enough)

What do you think?



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