Kathy Ward · Aug 12, 2020

Class Method to update IP Address

We have multiple interfaces to Epic.  We currently have the IP address set to epicsup.  We now want to update all of the interfaces with this IP addresses to epictst.  Is there a method to do this?

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Do you have sample code to do this?

I'm pretty sure that System Default Settings would only solve this issue if you were already using it to "default" the original value for those interfaces. Had you done that, making the update would be a very simple change of one entry in SDS.

@Craig.Regester's solution is probably the easiest to implement quickly, but it might also be an opportunity to move to an SDS-based configuration.

We had this exact scenario a year ago or so and the easiest solution for us, since we aren't using System Default Settings like Eduard mentioned,  was to open up the production class in Studio and do a search/replace (Ctrl-H)

Search for: epicsup

Replace with epictst

Then save/compile. Note will take effect immediately (edit: trying to recall if we had to click the 'Update' button in the Production Monitor for the connections to disconnect from the old and reconnect to the new. Definitely verify in your production monitor that the connections established to their new destination.)