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Changing Iris For Health Logos Webpage Icons


Most websites have a "Fav.ico" file that sets what the icon is for the webpage. Most users have multiple environments, Dev/Test/Live. Often it can be difficult at a glance to see which environment you are in at a time. Wouldn't it be nice to visually see what version you are in? In this example all the instances are called the same and are named "ENSEMBLE". Note that this is certainly IRIS FOR HEALTH as is used on 2022.1 


The default Icon is IR

In this article we will change to logos to similar to the below 

Icon File

The icon file is installed with your installation folder csp/broker/portal 

  1. Create a folder called Archive place in the folder 
  2. Copy and paste ISC_IRIS_icon.ico into this folder. This is your backup of the old icon 
  3. Use an icon editor. I have used Icon Editor - Create & Edit ICO Files Online | RedKetchup as it is easy to use and has simple text options 
  4. Copy the .ico file to your local file and open it up (Icon-> Open)

5. Take the pencil tool. Clear out any old lettering (tip update pencil size to make it easier)

6. Click test. Set colour. Play around with the font. DON'T FORGET TO PRESS APPLY 

7. Save logo. 

8. Replace logo in folder which from a clean installation would be DRIVELETTER:\InterSystems\HealthConnect\CSP\broker

9. Reload management portal. . Note you may need on chrome/edge to do a hard refresh of the page (by pressing shift while clicking the reload button) 

Please note the steps above will probably not persist on upgrades save any logos used so you can replace the logos again.

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You can also set System Mode in Memory and Startup settings.

For LIVE I'd also recommend just removing admin write access altogether.