Michael Lundberg · Aug 28, 2017

Catch "Skipping previously file " event


Is there anyway to catch info/warnings into an Ens.Alert when the inbound adapter is skipping  previously file (of any reason)?
Or any other way to pay attention to it.

In our log it usual have Warning or Info level and it stops there. We really want to create some kind of an alert when it happends.

All suggestions welcome



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You'll need to subclass EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter and modify this line in OnTask method to do what you need:

$$$LOGINFO("Skipping previously processed file '"_tOneFilename_"'")

Alternatively you can monitor done file table and send alerts when you find new records.

Both options seem lacking.

Hi and thank you for ansver!

I have look at the  InboundAdapter class and that will probably be our choice, since we not know any other way. As an option i was thinking to monitoring the eventlog in some way.

Just by pure curiosity, what table is "done file table "?

Appreciate your response, thanks!

- Michael

It's a global  that stores information about processed files. It can be accessed via $$$DoneFileTable macro - it's defined in EnsLib.File.InboundAdapter.


Thanks for that. We will decide some of these suggestions



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