Conor Browne · Jan 31, 2020

Cancel SQL queries in Management Portal or Shell

How do you cancel a query that is executing in the Management Portal  > System  >  SQL?

Does closing the browser cancel the query or does it continue to run in the background?

Is there any added benefit to using the Shell over the Portal? Perhaps there is a way to cancel/stop a query here?



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the benefit of the shell is:

you can stop it by <CTRL>+C immediately. But also don't get any output.
so it's rather a KILL than a STOP

Thanks Robert, do you happen to know if closing the browser in the management portal cancels the executing query?


in SQL.Shell you get a partial result

Once the query is running it is not interested in any browser activity.

the query is stopped when you fall into the session timeout
and the related process (and any query) is terminated.
SO it not running forever!

Hi Conor,

We added a "cancel" button to the SMP in IRIS 2019.3 and are looking at an equally convenient mechanism from the shell. 

Very nice feature indeed! Thank you for adding it.