· Mar 8, 2016

Can my Eclipse plugin use an Atelier project's credentials?

Suppose I want to create an Eclipse plugin designed to be added to Atelier, and my plugin needs to perform some processing on the server that the current Atelier project is configured to connect to.

Is there a way I can use the connection credentials that have already been entered by the user? I don't really want to make them enter these again into my own plugin.

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Joyce is correct - we plan to create an extention point that can be used by other plugins. Extension points allow Eclipse plugins to cooperate with other installed plugins. As a result, your plugin will have safe and reliable access to the server connection and all related information.

Alternatively, you can pull the password from secure storage directly. The internal keys and data format is subject to change, so use of this method should be temporary.

ISecurePreferences secureStore = SecurePreferencesFactory.getDefault().node("com.intersys.eclipse.connmgr");
ISecurePreferences connectionNode = secureStore.node("Connection Name");  // replace with connection name
String password = node.get("pass","default"); // replace default as necessary