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CACHE.DAT or even IRIS.DAT does not have any relation with operation system. So, you can easily move database files between instances on different OS and versions. But you should remember about data itself, like differences between 8-bit and Unicode. And code, which should be compiled for particular version but also not depends on OS.

You can find some details about database format from my articles.

In the case of moving from AIX to Windows, you're not just changing the OS but also changing the platform (IBM Power to Intel).

As Dmitry said, there's no relation to the OS but there is an important issue when changing platforms: endianness. AIX on Power is big-endian while Windows/Linux/etc. on Intel are little-endian.

The upshot is: when moving a cache.dat from AIX to Windows you'll need to run an included utility to convert it from big-endian to little-endian.