· May 8, 2019

Cache Studio Error


I am facing an issue where i am not able to start the Healtshare environment.

It gives me error

cstart.exe error

Reason(1069) Service did not start due to logon failure


If someone knows how to resolve this will be appreciated. 


Jimmy Christian.

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My guess is this is on Windows, and the Windows service that HealthShare runs as is configured to Log On As a specific Windows account. Check those credentials. Perhaps the password has been changed, or the account has expired, or been disabled. Look in the Windows event logs (probably the Application one). Another source of info is the cconsole.log file in the mgr subfolder of wherever you installed HealthShare.

Your problem doesn't seem likely to be specifically related to Cache Studio.


I have encountered the same error on a local PC install of Iris. The local brains trust believes it is a Windows login credentialing issue borne of a regular organisation policy to change local passwords on a regular basis.

Can you provide more detail on what the "Windows service that HealthShare runs as" is and where I can find it to change the login credentials?