· Jan 16, 2023


Hi All,

I want to move into CACHE/IRIS DBA role. Can anyone suggest what all learning must be done in order to move in this role. 

It would be great if you can provide the learning path as well for the topics. (links from I can learn the provided topics)

Thanks in advance!!

Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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The role is subject to a company's idea of what the role is and their definition is the only one that matters.
Will you support the underlying OS for example?
The person who can give you the best ideas is the person who had the role before or their manager if they are not available.
The application vendor can give you ideas if there is one.
Understanding the what, how and why of the existing install is critical.

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Hi Virat,
In the past it had been really useful to become proficient with managing the operating system (eg: RedHat) to achieve effective Database provisioning and management. For example: Shell scripting, snapshots, filesystem and process permissions (selinux), monitoring (process, io, errors), migration and upgrade processes, and to use an automation framework like Puppet or Ansible.
However times and skill needs are changing to a cloud first approach.
For future proofing skills would now advocate for learning IRIS on Docker, Kubernertes and gaining proficiency with one or more cloud provider for service access control and provisioning.
Python scripting in addition to shell scripts. ie: IRIS embedded python capabilities.
Be comfortable with Apache webserver configuration, loadbalancing, and management. Have some ability for Firewalls, DNS and TCP connectivity testing / tracing.

Some links:

Suggest follow Murray Oldfield articles here on the community.

Hope this helps.