Caché Version 5.0 OPEN dialog box default values (open as read-only)


Hello friends,

Does anyone know how to make the default checked for the 'Open as read-only' setting in Caché Studio version 5.0?Caché Studio v5 Open dialogue box

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I just add the opportunity to look back at the old Studio 5.0.x, and the Read-Only flag in the Open dialogue didn't have a registry value that would it make "sticky".

I remember once coming up with an approach by using the GetStatus() method on a class extending  %Studio.SourceControl.Base:

one of the supported parameters is "Editable", where you could set this to 0 inside of this method to prevent editing of the open item.


Not really a direct solution to your question, but if you happen to already be using Studio hooks, it may be worth a look.



Could you please tell what do you want to achieve with making 'Open as read-only' setting default?