To clarify: I once read that "dotted syntax" and curly braces should not be used in the same routine; doing so, would produce unpredictable results.   I can't remember where I found the guidance.  I was hoping to read more about it.  

The WRC suggested removing all Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributables from my laptop.  I did.  Next, I re-attempted the installation.  No joy.

The WRC mused that it could be a compatibility issue with the multiple versions on Caché on my laptop.

Decided to retry the installation by selecting the ‘Client’ setup type instead of ‘Development’

Selecting the Client setup type allowed the installation to succeed.  Next, I uninstalled 2016.1 and then performed the installation again selecting the ‘Development’ setup type;  which also succeeded.

I have Caché 2016.1 up-n-running.  Wooo Hooo!

At this point, I can only guess it was a series of events which ultimately lead to the successful installation.  Those events included:

  • Removing all instances of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable
  • Installing Caché 2016.1 selecting the ‘Client’ setup type
  • Uninstalling Caché 2016.1
  • Installing Caché 2016.1 selecting the ‘Development’ setup type

BTW - Exact Version:  2016.

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