Evgeny Shvarov · Jul 14, 2016 1m read

Caché Haiku

Alex Koblov posted today a #CachéHaiku:

Full command names

Make your code more readable

Than compact versions

My haiku:

Caché Globals

Shows you keys to the value

If you $order it

Your variant? ;)

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Caché Monitor
Can help you profile a code
Whenever you need

SET x=3

WRITE x + 5 * 7

Crap, parentheses

What can I use for

high availability?

Caché mirroring.

InterSystems Corp

Mashes Objects onto Mumps

Can you handle it?



WRC Direct

support and distributions

go ahead, log in.

Caché E-Learning

It’s a great new interface

Try it, you’ll like it yes

the WIJ, journaling,

and transaction processing:

data integrity!

Mix SQL with pure MUMPS
To feel mismatching

Exit Caché, Ensemble, DeepSee:
It's summer -
Jump into deep sea!

Code clear and document.

Ask help when you need it.

Refactor, and keep it simple.


InterSystems gives you power,

through simplicity,

the ultimate sophistication.


There was an old man in the vale
Whose DB was as fast as a snail.
After move to Caché
He could jump entrechat
And today he is far from his vale...

In Caché 3.2

manage the lru queue?

performance improved!

Need Analytics?

DeepSee unlocks your data

Okay, just do it!

Credit to the entire DeepSee Support Team :)

Write quote Hello World,
Dollar SYSTEM Dot Process
Dot Terminate(Pid)

The CACHE Database

Is a Caché Database

Caching Cached Queries

"How robust is your great OS",!
 "(Each of which has cons and pros),",!
 "But specific under stress?",!
 "Want to check it? Just key press:",! *key set OS=$system.Version.GetOS()
 w:OS="Windows" "Are you really its follower? press <RESET> to do failover!",!
 w:OS="UNIX" "Under *NIX you are OK: your job killed, others remain.",!
 w:OS="VMS" "Not aware of VMS, contribute somebody else!"
 ;for i=1:1 set a(i)=$j("",3*1024*1024) $j(i,4)

All of this data
needs to be displayed nicely
Use a Zen Report!