· Jul 14, 2016 1m read

Caché Haiku

Alex Koblov posted today a #CachéHaiku:

Full command names

Make your code more readable

Than compact versions

My haiku:

Caché Globals

Shows you keys to the value

If you $order it

Your variant? ;)

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"How robust is your great OS",!
 "(Each of which has cons and pros),",!
 "But specific under stress?",!
 "Want to check it? Just key press:",! *key set OS=$system.Version.GetOS()
 w:OS="Windows" "Are you really its follower? press <RESET> to do failover!",!
 w:OS="UNIX" "Under *NIX you are OK: your job killed, others remain.",!
 w:OS="VMS" "Not aware of VMS, contribute somebody else!"
 ;for i=1:1 set a(i)=$j("",3*1024*1024) $j(i,4)