· Jan 26, 2021

Bug in SAM Prometheus metrics endpoint

The current version of SAM creates Prometheus metric endpoints which appear to be handled correctly by the current prometheus scraper, however the metrics do not confirm to the current prometheus standard.  The standard states: 

  • Prometheus' text-based format is line oriented. Lines are separated by a line feed character (\n). The last line must end with a line feed character. Empty lines are ignored.

Link is here: Prometheus format

In the current output on the


endpoint the last metric does not contain a newline causing parsers to fail.  Adding a newline to this should correct the issues.

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Absolutely, as I am seeing more Cache' and IRIS instances pop up in customers, I'm excited to explore this more.  Feel free to reach out I'm happy to test or be a guinea pig on anything.  More than happy to help or collaborate anyway I can :). BTW, I'm seeing lots of community solutions for Cache' / Prometheus but it seems the SAM docs only refer to IRIS, is it not planned for Cache'?