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I will pull down the latest version of SAM when available and retest this, I'll take steps to document each step.  It's entirely possible I'm making a mistake in my deployments that is causing consistent failures, if so I imagine that would be helpful to know.

Absolutely, as I am seeing more Cache' and IRIS instances pop up in customers, I'm excited to explore this more.  Feel free to reach out I'm happy to test or be a guinea pig on anything.  More than happy to help or collaborate anyway I can :). BTW, I'm seeing lots of community solutions for Cache' / Prometheus but it seems the SAM docs only refer to IRIS, is it not planned for Cache'?

Great!  Thanks for the update, I will wait for the update and test.  The product I am using is the New Relic Prometheus Open Metric Integration.  I work for New Relic and I have run across several customers leveraging Cache or IRISand wanted to have a solution to ingest the metrics needed for Cache/IRIS observability.

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