· Nov 26, 2018

BPL - Foreach IF statement

As part of a BPL I am building I need to foreach over a some repeating elements and look for a certain value, if said value is present I need to forward the message to another operation. 

I can't seem to get the if statement inside the foreach loop to work and I think I am doing something wrong?

The error message I am getting:

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <UNDEFINED>zS2+2^GWH.Messages.Eobs.AKISegmentCheck.Thread1.1 *k1 -- logged as '-' number - @' Set k1=request.GetNextIndex("PIDgrpgrp("_(1)_").ORCgrp()",k1,.tSCTrans)'

Can anyone explain that error to me?


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Hi Jack,

The important parts of the error message are


Which tells us that k1 is being used but has not been initialised.

Set k1=request.GetNextIndex("PIDgrpgrp("_(1)_").ORCgrp()",k1,.tSCTrans)

Without the source code its a little hard to see how your are implementing this.

If this is your own code block then you could initialise k1 first

Set k1=""
Set k1=request.GetNextIndex("PIDgrpgrp("_(1)_").ORCgrp()",k1,.tSCTrans)

Alternatively, if you make k1 a context property then I believe it will initialise it for you.

Seems like a simple task to crack with a BPL sledgehammer. If there is no other BPL logic then you might want to consider just using a simple custom process, or via an HL7 routing rule with your own custom function

If this is your own code block then you could initialise k1 first

As the error source is:


it's probably a generated BPL. I'd check The method S2 of GWH.Messages.Eobs.AKISegmentCheck.Thread1 class. From it you can determine what BPL activity it corresponds (probably something right at the beginning). After that it's easy to fix BPL error.