Nigel Salm · Apr 28, 2017

Best tool to create an Entity Relationship Diagram of a collection of Cache/Ensemble Classes


I have an Ensemble Application with many classes and relationships between those classes.

I need a tool that can connect to Cache/Ensemble and create a visual ERD from the class definitions within a particular Cache Namespace

MS-Access is one option but it does not automatically create the relationship connectors between classes

Any suggestions

Nigel Salm

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Umlanji facilitates UML class diagrams, which aren't the same thing as ERDs but still pretty useful.

Common SQL tools like WinSQL can do that, since Cache is a supported database in WinSQL

How do you import the class definition in DataGrip? Can you use the regular class export from Studio?

No, just add your Cache server as DataSource. DataGrip uses jdbc. Here's sample connection screenshot.